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Marvin Harrigan, Co-Owner  -  Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL, CFI-I, MEI

“Born in St.Thomas USVI and raised on a tiny island called Anguilla in the eastern caribbean, it was always a passion of mine to fly for as long as I can remember. My brother and I would climb the tallest trees possible only to pretend we were pilots swaying in the wind on the thinnest of branches as if we were living on the edge filled with excitement and adventure. It wasn't until I was 30 years old that I decided to persue this dream of becoming a pilot. I started my pilot training at St Petersburg Airport and continued at Tampa Executive. It was here that I met Michele Rash and became even more exposed to all the joys and thrills that is associated in this amazing field of Aviation that I never considered. I now seek to help those that share a similar passion to achieve such dreams and goals in any way that I can.”

At Superior Aviation Gateway, we pride ourselves in having the highest qualified and most passionate instructors you will find.  What makes us different?  
We care about each student as if it were our own flight training.  
We are constantly growing, learning and bettering ourselves.  None of us are perfect but we challenge ourselves to be the best that each of us can be.  
Come experience the difference of a Superior Instructor!


Michele Rash, Co-Owner  -  ATP, SEL/MEL, CFI-I, MEI

“I was born and raised in West Virginia.  At 17, I moved to Tampa.  At age 20, a friend convinced me to start taking flying lessons.  I fell in love with aviation and went all the way through the training process.  In 2007, I started my own flight school and grew it into a large well known school.  In 2014, I sold the school to the first two students (husband and wife) that I taught to fly.  Since then, I have wanted to get back into the flight school business and when the opportunity to open a school at Tampa Executive came available, I couldn’t pass it up.”

Stacy Sosa, Instructor  -  Commercial Pilot, CFI-I

“I was born in Miami and grew up in Guatemala and Qatar. I moved back to the US to attend Florida State University. While at FSU I decided to get my Private Pilot Certificate and I immediately fell in love with flying.

I come from a family of pilots and I always admired and looked up to my dad and wanted to follow in his footsteps.  As soon as I graduated from the university I decided to get my other ratings to become a CFI. I'm loving and enjoying every day of my pilot career and I want to share this passion with everyone who has an interest in aviation.”

Les Nichols, ATP, CFI-I, MEI

I was born in Bonifay, Fl. I drew airplanes on my first grade report cards and have been a lover of aviation ever since. I began my flying career in 1966 in the Marine Corps. I obtained my multiengine rating in 1984, Commercial Pilot in 1985 and Flight Instructor in 1987. I am a graduate of the University of West Florida, with a BA in psychology.

Carly Lopez, Administration  -  Commercial Pilot

“I was born and raised in Tampa, FL and I have been around airplanes my whole life. Mainly because my dad is a pilot and we have always had an airplane.  I enjoy several water sports and currently play rugby for the local Tampa women’s team.  I graduated from Florida Atlantic University studying Biology. After college, I decided to pursue aviation as a career.  I figured I would be much happier in the skies as opposed to being stuck in a lab.  When I’m flying, I feel as if my options are pretty much endless because I can see new and exciting places from a unique perspective. I started my training with a free-lance instructor and was introduced to Superior Aviation Gateway where I finished my private pilot training and currently continue training. I would like to continue building my experience towards obtaining an ATP. I had an amazing opportunity building my flight time with Superior flying across America up to Salt Lake City, UT and over to Death Valley, CA. I saw many places I never thought I would be able to see and went through numerous flight conditions that I wouldn’t have come across in Florida. I encourage everyone in aviation to do a flight across America at least once in their lifetime, you won’t regret it.”

Jesse Spencer, Administration  -  Student Pilot

Hello future and current family members of Superior Aviation Gateway. Let me tell you a little bit about my journey into the aviation industry. When I was eight years old I took my first flight from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to San Juan, Puerto Rico on a family trip. That is when I decided I belonged in the sky. I was too young to start my aviation journey at that point in time.   When I was eleven my mother for Christmas gave me the best gift, my introductory flight at Hortman Aviation at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport.  I was still a little too young to start my journey into the Aviation industry, which my instructor suggested I join the Civil Air Patrol, which I did that Tuesday.  I joined as a basic cadet and worked my way up to the ranks to Cadet Commander.  At the age of 17 I took my first solo flight in a Cessna 172 from Northeast Philadelphia Airport. I took a few more flights after that and my funds ran dry.  After graduating High School I still did not have the funds for a career in aviation and became a Police Officer in the city of Philadelphia and the suburbs.  After six years of service I decided to resign and move to SWFL and became a Realtor, which I still am part-time.  This gave me the opportunity to revisit my aviation dream. I began flying again dusting off twelve years of rust on my way to fulfill my dream of being a pilot. Superior Aviation had an open position with a perfect work and student environment. I’ve been to a few flight schools, but no other school felt as comfortable as Superior Aviation Gateway, where I will complete my fight training, and continue my employment for years to come.

Cole Dastur, Administration  -  Student Pilot

I was born in Clearwater, FL. and raised in the Tampa area. It has always been my dream to become a professional airline pilot. Ever since a young age this has been my main inspiration. Currently I am a sophomore at  Calvary Christian High school in Clearwater. I look forward to starting my private pilot training next summer when I turn 17 years old.

Benjamin Brooks, Instructor  -  Commercial, SEL/MEL CFI-I

My first flight was at age 12 in my uncle's T-34 Mentor. Ever since then, I've been fascinated by aviation. After high school, I served eight years as a helicopter mechanic in the Army. But that wasn't enough to scratch the itch, so in 2015 I started learning to fly. As a volunteer in the Civil Air Patrol, I fly search and rescue, disaster recovery, and cadet orientation missions. I am now a certified flight instructor and excited to start my flying career!