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Multi - Engine Rating - Add On

Aircraft:  $450.00/hour
Instructor:  $60.00/hour

With a multi-engine rating, you’ll be able to fly higher and faster!  

Training options:

- Pay by the hour and learn at your own pace.  There are no time restrictions for completion and you can purchase supplies as you need them.  

Estimated Training required:  

The multi-engine rating is an "add-on" rating to your current Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate.

10 hours Ground Instruction

10 hours Flight Instruction

12 hours Airplane Rental

Oral and Practical Exam Fee ($600.00, paid to the examiner)

Supplies:  Aircraft Supplement, Syllabus, Workbook, Jacksonville and Miami Sectional Charts, Low Enroute Chart, Approach Charts and Oral Exam Guide.

Weight & Balance

     Chapter 1 - General
     Chapter 2 - Limitations
     Chapter 3 - Emergency
     Chapter 4 - Normal
     Chapter 5 - Performance
     Chapter 6 - Weight & Balance
     Chapter 7 - Airplane Systems
     Chapter 8 - Handling, Service and Maint.
     Chapter 9 - Supplements

Preflight, Normal & Emergency Checklist

N5529V Flight Training Supplement

Resources for multi-engine flight training with Superior Aviation Gateway, LLC

Prior to arrival for flight training, read the POH, Checklist and Flight Training supplement.  You should be able to answer all oral review questions in the ‘N5529V Flight Training Supplement’ prior to training.