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Our Superior Instructors are committed to providing Superior training and service at an affordable price.  Therefore, we offer the Private Pilot Certificate for a flat rate price.  This proven course includes everything you need to obtain your private pilot certificate.  Not included:  FAA Examiner Checkride Fee, Medical Exam Fee, Hotel & Headset  *Must be completed within 90 days.

Private Pilot Written Exam Prep Class     

One-on-One Prep - $395

Weekly on Mondays - 8:00 - 11:00 - $10 per person/class

Interested in a Class?  Let us know!

Our approach to written exam preparation is different than most.  Our instructors teach you the information with the goal of obtaining the knowledge required for the written as well as the oral exam that comes at the end of your training.  We allow adequate time to answer all questions and go through every question in the book ensuring you understand the information being presented.

Private Pilot Oral Exam Prep

One-on-One Prep - $395

Weekly on Tuesdays - 8:00 - 11:00 - $10 per person/class

Interested in a Class?  Let us know!

Instrument Pilot Written Exam Class    

One-on-One Prep - $395

Interested in a Class?  Let us know!

Contact us and let us know you’re attending so we can have the appropriate materials ready for you!

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