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Serious about becoming a Professional Pilot?  This is the course for you.  This course has everything you need to reach your goal, including a guaranteed instructor job at Superior!

Training options:

- Pay by the hour and learn at your own pace.  There are no time restrictions for completion and you can purchase supplies as you need them.  
- Purchase the Career Pilot Program Course.  The course must be completed within 365 days and includes everything you need to become a professional pilot.  This course also guarantees an instructor position at Superior!  

Course Details:  

Our Private Pilot Course includes the following:  
300 hours of flight time, 275 Single Engine and 25 Multi Engine.  (ALL in an airplane, NO SIMULATOR TIME)  
Unlimited One-On-One Ground Instruction
Written Exam Fees ($150.00/each, paid to the testing center)
Practical Exam Fee ($600.00 or more each, paid to the examiner)
Supplies:  Syllabus for each course of training and all the supplies required for your training.

*Not included:  Medical Exam - Cost is $80-$150.  To find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) near you, click here.