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We’re dedicated to passing our passion for aviation on to our customers.  We customize EVERY students’ training to meet their personal goals.  

Don’t think it makes a difference?  Then it can’t hurt to let us give you our recommendation on how to approach (pun intended) your flight training.  

We’re certain you’ll be glad you did!

Adventure Travel

We are always going on adventures with our pilots.  I mean, isn’t this why you worked so hard to get your pilot certificate?  Check out our list of upcoming adventures here.  Visit our Facebook Page for up to the minute updates and past adventures!

Flight Bag


Flight BagAchievementsAdventure Travel

Congratulations to Logan McAllister and his instructor, Marvin Harrigan, for earning his Commercial Pilot Certificate on  12/2/2018 at KGIF with

Chuck Brown!!!


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Career Pilot Program

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Meet the Team

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